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Networks & Support

Microsoft Server & Workstation Installation and Design.

Active Directory is a directory service that is available on versions of the Windows Server Operating system.  Active directory allows you to create users and groups and assign specific Permissions and Privileges to them.

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Have Gibson IT Consulting reduce your overall hardware cost by introducing or troubleshooting Virtualization.

Virtualization is the process of creating a Virtual Machine on a Hardware Machine.  The hardware machine is referred to the Host Operating System and the

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Network Security

Gibson IT Consulting knows that Network Security has never been more vital than it is today.

Your computer network should be secure and protect you from: internet users on the outside getting in, internal users getting access to restricted information, and also to prevent Malware and Viruses from gaining entry into

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Onsite Training

Reduce the costs of business by having a Microsoft Certified MCITP Gibson IT Consultant train your staff to administer your computer network.

We will develop and deliver "custom training" that meets your specific needs.  The following training courses are currently being offered:

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network Backup

Backups & a Disaster Recovery Plan are essential to the success of your business!

Your business depends on technology to operate; any disruption that occurs can easily cost your business thousands of dollars.  You must have a comprehensive plan to recover your operations quickly and successfully.

A disaster recovery plan includes actions that must be taken before, during, and after any data loss occurs.  Primarily a disaster recovery plan is to prepare you organization in the event computer services or critical data is rendered unusable.  Being prepared for any outage is essential.

A disaster can be anything from a Hard Disk crash to a Hurricane, Flood, or Power loss. Gibson IT Consulting will work with you to develop a Backup of Critical Data and Operations, Safe Storage of backup data offsite, and an Action Plan to recover as quickly as possible in the event of a catastrophe.